Friday, February 28 & Saturday, March 1 


1717 Broadway, Brooklyn

Directly off the J train at Chauncey


All systems trend towards a state of disorder and uncertainty. The laws of nature inevitably break down. To resist entropy is only to speed it along. 

WERNER HERZOG ON WRESTLEMANIA is a fictional documentary which takes as its subject three performers claiming to be climate scientists wintering in Antarctica. Drawing on sources as disparate as 'Moby Dick' and Magic: The Gathering message boards, this performance asks, "When disasters of unimaginable proportions become workplace minutia, what would it mean to embrace entropy as a philosophy of living? Is it the same as nihilism or fatalism? Or is there something more fundamentally hopeful in the stability and sameness that comes with thermodynamic equilibrium?"

This is a work-in-progress showing, so seating is limited.
Email: to reserve your seat.
$10 suggested donation will be taken at the door.

The performance will last approximately two hours.

is a collaboration by
Devin Burnam
Peter Clough
Jennifer Gustavson
Kathryn Hamilton
Steffi Kowalski
Alex McConnel-Trivelli
Terence Mintern
Cyrus Moshrefi
Isabel Sanchez 
Bruce Steinberg
Matt Wilson