What's Yours Is Mine / Welcome (2015)

Performance; four projection screens, table with green-screen table-cloth, electronic circuits, wine, cheese, bread, electrical dog collar, live dog with illuminated collar.
Text written by Kathryn Hamilton.
Performed Torn Page, Chelsea, New York, 2015 and Alt Bomonti, Istanbul 2016.
Artists Kathryn Hamilton, Brian Oh, Ngozi Anyanwyu, Hatem Hadawe, Utku Kara.

Based on / Performed in conjunction with an article by Kathryn Hamilton in New Inquiry: Hospitality and The Hairworm

‘Welcome / What's Yours Is Mine.’ is an ongoing project beginning from Derrida’s 1992 lectures on Radical Hospitality - Step of Hospitality/No Hospitality and Foreigner Question. Three performers activate a series of objects and negotiate the shifting host-guest relationships between themselves and the audience members. The performance uses a domestic animal, inflatable sculptures made from sail fabric, an electric-shock dog collar, and the makings of a dinner party to question hospitality on the level of the home, the body and the nation-state.The performance is divided into two parts - the first of 35 minutes, where audience members respond to video prompts, and performers activate a series of environmental sculptures and objects; and the second, where the formal elements of the performance dissolve into a dinner/ party. 

Stills from 4 channel documentation of performances at Torn Page in Chelsea, NYC and Alt Bomonti, Istanbul:

What's Yours Is Mine / Welcome was supported by LMCC, Mental Insight Foundation, and Alt Bomonti