Werner Herzog On Wrestlemania (2014)

Performance; shredded paper, microwave, fish tank, running machine, miniature replicas of performers made from prints and balsa wood. Text taken from Werner Herzog, Herman Melville, Janis Joplin.
Duration: 2hrs
Performed, Loft, East New York.
Artists, Kathryn Hamilton, Peter Clough, Jennifer Gustavson, Matt Wilson, Cyrus Moshrefi, Isabel Sanchez, Devin Burnam, Bruce Steinberg and Terence Mintern.

Werner Herzog On Wrestlemania is an exploration of the inanities of office politics and impending climate catastrophe. All systems trend towards a state of disorder and uncertainty. The laws of nature inevitably break down. To resist entropy is only to speed it along. 

WERNER HERZOG ON WRESTLEMANIA is a fictional documentary which takes as its subject three performers claiming to be climate scientists wintering in Antarctica. Drawing on sources as disparate as 'Moby Dick' and Magic: The Gathering message boards, this performance asks, "When disasters of unimaginable proportions become workplace minutia, what would it mean to embrace entropy as a philosophy of living? Is it the same as nihilism or fatalism? Or is there something more fundamentally hopeful in the stability and sameness that comes with thermodynamic equilibrium?"

Video by Peter Clough

Photos by Greg Bosse