Three Rooms at Prelude Festival, October 2017

Performance; skype, internet, text, computer, webcam.
Duration 15 mins.
Performed New York, Prelude Festival, Martin E. Segal Center, CUNY, 2017.
Artists Amal Omran, Onur Karaoglu, Kathryn Hamilton, Hatem Hadawe, Alex Reeves


For Prelude 2017 we performed a 15 minute excerpt of Three Rooms, followed by a panel discussion with Cerebral Pussy and New Saloon. Here are some photos from the evening:


Three Rooms is a live-film / skype-play that takes place in three locations: a bedroom in Istanbul, a bedroom in Paris, and the theater where the audience have gathered. Research and document-based, the piece reconstructs a skype call between three friends who used to live in Istanbul, but who are now, because of geopolitical circumstances, unable to be within the same national borders at the same time. 
Originally the trio were planning to stage a play, but the changing political landscape meant that two of the performers couldn’t get visas. Refusing to replace those unable to travel, they began to experiment with ways of working that could overcome the physical restrictions, creating a new kind of live-ness for this new world.

Three Rooms invites the audience into the quiet intimacies of daily life when you are essentially confined to your room – making tea, reading books, smoking cigarettes while watching the seagulls over Istanbul roof-tops, or watching the grey clouds over the Paris suburbs. It gestures towards the irreplaceability of people, and the impossibility of representing their experience without them.

Prelude Festival is "Dedicated to artists at the forefront of contemporary New York City theatre and performance, PRELUDE 2017 features an array of artists working in theatrical and interdisciplinary performance. The festival gives audiences and artists a survey of the current New York moment.

Inspired by the DIY maker movement, curator Andrew Kircher has assembled a program of exciting new works-in-process, conversations, new scholarship, and skills-building workshops. By merging the critical with the creative, PRELUDE will provide a space for artists to share, engage, and discover emerging practices in form, craft, and technology."

Sister Sylvester will be performing on the 6th October, at 2pm, along with Cerebral Pussy (Jessy Yates, Holly Cristina Goldstein) and Milo Cramer with New Saloon, followed by a panel discussion of their work. 

All the work is free and open to the public

Full artist and speaker list for the festival:
Janani Balasubramanian
Tami Morachnick
Philip Sanchez
Seonjae Kim
Jerry Lieblich, Paul Lazar
Lorelei Ramirez
Ariana Smart-Truman, Tommy Kriegsmann
Peter Eckersall
Jaclyn Backhaus, Jennifer Kidwell, and Scott Sheppard
Darian Dauchan
Maria Baranova
Sean Donovan
Julia Jarcho
Daniel Alexander Jones
The Builders Association
Renegade Performance Group/André M. Zachery
Jay Duckworth
Jessica Massart
Cerebral Pussy (Jessy Yates, Holly Kristina Goldstein)
Milo Cramer with New Saloon
Noel Allain
Jill Stevenson
Jacob Padrón, Melanie Joseph
Temporary Distortion
Split Britches (Peggy Shaw, Lois Weaver)
Pig Iron
Patricia Ybarra
Danielle King, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
Rachel Kauder Nalebuff
Jim Findlay