The Fall, (2014)

Performance Lecture, Projection screen, projector, live chicken, fried chicken, Skype, computer, excerpts from Peter Whitehead's The Fall.
Performed: Park Avenue Armory, 2015
Duration: 45mins
Artists: Kathryn Hamilton, Cyrus Moshrefi, Kelsea Martin, Jeremy M. Barker, Parivash Moshrefi
Residency: Park Avenue Armory Workspace, (2014)

The Fall: A Performative Screening, is a lecture performance based on Peter Whitehead’s 1969 cult film, The Fall, which documents the social and political turmoil of Vietnam-era USA. The piece uses live performance and audio recordings of those involved in — and affected by — the film. This interpretation of The Fall explores the power of art to change society, the ways in which radical politics are transformed through memory, documentation, and the exigencies of history.