Make Like It's Yours (2014)

Performance; 1 tractor, 10 litres of water, table and chairs constructed from plywood and crushed during performance, popcorn, cloth, live-video projection, trailer.
Duration: 2hrs
Performed: Salem Art Works, upstate New York
Artists: Kathryn Hamilton, Brandt Adams, Lori Parquet, Isabel Sanchez, Brian Oh

'Make Like It’s Yours' is a live TV show, filmed with the participation of the audience. It begins from two considerations of hospitality: Jean Genet’s instruction that a guest must steal from their host, to break the bond of debt through a transgression; and Derrida’s 1996 lectures on hospitality, "Foreigner Question" and "Step of Hospitality/No Hospitality”. The piece itself will be a series of experiments in radical hospitality, with a form inspired by 1980’s avant-garde art on T.V. shows like Kęstutis Nakas, Your Program of Programs’, and Christoph Schlingenseif’s U3000 which was broadcast from the Berlin subway.