Host-ipit-ility (2016)

Performance/Dance; colored elastic strings, air-mattress, whiskey, inflatables (hot air, sheet plastic).
Duration: 40mins.
Performed at Kose, Istanbul.
Artists: Kathryn Hamilton, Alma Toaspern.

Host-ipit-ility is a dance performance created by Kathryn Hamilton and Alma Toaspern for Kose, Istanbul. The piece is an exploration of Derrida's lectures on Hospitality and the way in which his thoughts on the relationship of host and guest have bearing on self-organizing systems (such as strikes and occupations/Occupy Wall Street, Gezi Park). The audience enter into a bare space, and through a series of textual and aural instructions, they create the theater for themselves, setting chairs and the risers, adjusting the light board to bring up the lights, cuing the sound. Creating a space into which the performers will enter.