Dead Behind These Eyes, (2014)

Performance; 10 person karaoke booth, custom made karaoke videos, microphones, karaoke song books, animal suits, text restructured from John Osborne's Look Back In Anger, Karaoke song book lists, live news-feeds, New York Times crosswords.
Duration: 1.20hr
Performed: Sing Sing Karaoke, NYC
Artists: Kathryn Hamilton, Lori E. Parquet, Nick Lehane, Brandt Adams, Daniel Kublick, Brian Oh.

'Dead Behind These Eyes' is a performance in a karaoke room about pop music, love, and apathy. Three characters rail against the world, and mourn the big, bold, important lives they were supposed to live, drowning their sorrows in booze, songs, sex, and cigarettes. Using text inspired by John Osborn’s iconic play of dissatisfied youth, 'Look back In Anger', alongside lyrics from Britney Spears, Jeff Buckley, Prince and others, this piece explores political and social participation through the microcosm of the karaoke parlor.